Shawn Lee is an award-winning certified professional photographer, speaker, mentor, teacher, author, and a leading voice in his home city of Detroit. Shawn is also the Head of Diversity for PPA.

Shawn Lee


Shawn Lee is a powerhouse. And when you meet him, you just get it. His passion and charisma can fill up a room and are obvious in everything he does. His inspiration and drive helped him become one of the most accomplished and recognized photographers and “do-ers” in the country today. In 2007, Shawn came to Photobiz looking for a new website and logo… and never looked back.

Relationship means something. Loyalty means something.
Customer service means an unbelievable amount. The last thing I want to worry about is my website, and for that reason,
I would recommend Photobiz to anybody.


Shawn needed a web presence that matched his style and passion; a design that showcased his talents and spoke to his many audiences. PhotoBiz produced the energetic, gritty look he wanted that helped him break out as an artist and a mentor.

“I've been an artist since I was 4... and when I picked up a camera it was a natural transition. I got so aggressive was because I needed to. If I was going to do photography, I needed to feed my family. It caused me to be innovative in my approach and view – everything had to be HOT.”

Since coming to PhotoBiz my business has improved all the way around. It is so cool that my website got me business without me having to be there.


In PhotoBiz, Shawn found not only a service provider or a good designer, he found peace of mind & new business opportunity. “The whole Photobiz crew is outstanding. Having someone answer the phone right away and say, ‘Sure, let’s see what we can do!’ is just incredible.”

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